The premier brand in pumping & solids handling technology.

Pumping Products

Our product line of robust and powerful rotary lobe pumps are available in several models and configurations. These models are suitable for pumping highly viscous liquids containing abrasives, solids and debris. Vogelsang is an international leader in development and manufacture or pumping products. We specialize in positive displacement pumps for wastewater, industrial, biogas & agriculture applications.

Solids Handling Products

The RotaCut inline grinder revolutionized the way we reduce and separate solids from a liquid stream. The RotaCut offers true protection of downstream equipment from harmful solids and debris. The RotaCut is commonly positioned on the suction side of a pump and reduces or eliminates solids that could cause damage to pumps, belt press, centrifuge or other dewatering components. 

Agriculture & Land Application

The dribble bar concept was a Vogelsang invention that paved the way for the efficient above-ground application of liquid manure. Today, these products define the concept of environmentally friendly liquid manure spreading. As the market leader, we offer application systems with working widths ranging from 10 to 120 feet. As a result of their accuracy, our application systems are designed to meet or exceed the requirements inherent in modern agriculture.

Sustainability for Ecology & Economy

We take our responsibility for protecting the environment seriously. Many of our products are designed to service sustainable technologies such as biogas, recycling or wastewater treatment plants. We offer products that are designed to enhance and optimize recycling and reclamation processes for energy production and waste reduction. Additionally, in the area of environmental protection, we also offer products used to effectively contain and repair environmental accidents such as oil spills.

Milestones in Innovation:

  • 1970 Invention of the rotary lobe pump
  • 1980 Invention of dribble bar technology
  • 1985 Implementation of the DropStop system
  • 1990 Invention of the first RotaCut Inline Grinder
  • 1995 Production of the first QuickService pumps
  • 1996 Implementation of vacuum disposal for railway carriages
  • 1998 Launch of the ExaCut distributor
  • 1999 Launch of the HiFlo rotary lobe
  • 2001 Patenting of the TeleShift system for dribble bar linkage
  • 2004 Development of the QuickMix digester feeding unit
  • 2005 Launch of the X-Ripper Twin Shaft Grinder
  • 2005 Commercial launch of the CFC for dribble bar linkage
  • 2007 Injection Pump Wet End housing patented
  • 2007 Block Ring Cartridge mechanical seal patented
  • 2008 BioCrack market launch
  • 2009 Launch of the RotaCut RCX Primary Sludge Grinder
  • 2011 Launch of the XTill Land Injection System 
  • 2012 EnergyJet product launch
  • 2013 SwingMax 36 product launch
  • 2014 Base Runner and SynCult product launch
  • 2015 CC series and PreMix product launch