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Vogelsang appoints Mrs. Katie Grabner as Marketing Manager

Katie Grabner brought to Vogelsang to support and expand marketing efforts[more]

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Why Rotary Lobe Pumps Are a Common Wine Industry Choice

Flexibility, low-shear liquid handling abilities and gentle handling of grapes make these pumps a good solution for wineries.[more]

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Food Waste Disposal Systems

Published in Pumps & Systems Magazine - January 2013 Marino Curati, Marketing Director, Vogelsang[more]

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Why an Engineer would specify a Rotary Lobe Pump

Published in EngNet.com - February 2013 Marino Curati, Marketing Director, Vogelsang[more]

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A Drop-In replacement for Muffin Monster®* and other common twin-shaft grinder brands!

No Factory Cutter Reconditioning, Easy Maintenance.

The XRipper XRS-QG Twin Shaft Macerator is capable of handling even your toughest applications, reducing solids down to a manageable size for further reduction or to be processed by other equipment downstream. We now offer flanges and risers that match common high-maintenance products. Just set it in place and you're ready to go. Have questions? Call John Grucella, our XRipper Product Manager at (330) 389-9145 or johng@vogelsangusa.com

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* Muffin Monster is a registered trademark of JWC Environmental, Inc. Costa Mesa, CA, USA. Vogelsang is not affiliated with JWC Environmental in any way.

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