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Rotary Lobe Pump ManufacturersThe latest from Vogelsang, innovative in rotary lobe pump manufacturer, is here. Utilizing our exclusive HiFlo┬« rotor design, IQ series pumps have been specifically designed to reduce the number of spare parts, and maintenance time compared to any other lobe pump in the industry. The ability to pump highly viscous liquids, pulsation-free combined with unmatched design flexibility, makes IQ the next revolution of pumping technology.

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The next generation inline grinder-solids separator.

Perfect for Primary Sludge & Digester Clean-out.

The RotaCut RCX inline grinder effectively reduces solids to specific size requirements, and reduces the costs associated with the operation of downstream equipment. The RotaCut will eliminate ragging, reduce solids and protect downstream equipment. Protect pumps and dewatering equipment from clogging and harmful solid objects commonly found in wastewater sludge. 

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Cut Costs with the X-Ripper Twin Shaft Macerator.

Designed for Inline Solids Handling Applications.

The X-Ripper Twin Shaft Macerator is capable of handling even your toughest applications, reducing solids down to a manageable size for further reduction or to be processed by other equipment downstream. Designed to run wet or dry materials inline or via an attached hopper, the X-Ripper can easily be integrated into existing systems. Unlike conventional grinders, the X-Ripper offers high performance maceration with low maintenance, saving you and your customers money.

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