Digestion & Biogas

Sludge conditioning for maximum gas yield & enhanced dewatering

Vogelsang provides a comprehensive product offering to customers using anaerobic digestion to process waste and/or create gas. Our products are designed to: increase overall system efficiency, reduce power consumption, reduce downtime, improve gas output and improve dewatering. Listed below are several areas of the digestion process where it's common to find a Vogelsang product. 

Full technical data, drawings and specifications can be found for each product in our Products section.

Product Categories:

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Digestion & Biogas

  • Slurry Pumping
  • Solids Reduction
  • Solids Separation
  • Slurry Conditioning
  • Slurry & Silage Mixing
  • Sludge/Slurry Lysing

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Slurry & Sludge Pumping

A VX136Q Inline Assembly with custom manifold piping system.

One pump does it all!

Vogelsang offers custom and standard manifold piping systems to allow one pump to feed and recirculate several digesters. The valves can be operated from a central controller for easy operation. 

The Vogelsang Rotary Lobe Pump provides pulsation free flow of slurry throughout the system. It's designed for thick viscous sludge containing solids and debris.

Standard Manifold
Rotary Lobe Pumps

Solids Reduction & Separation

BioCut: A VX136Q V-Belt Assembly combined with a RotaCut 5000 Pro.

Precision Maceration & Slurry Conditioning

The RotaCut plays an important part in boosting plant efficiency by ensuring that biogas plants can operate reliably and economically. The RotaCut is used for a wide range of applications within the biogas plant – including liquid feeding, digester agitation, slurry transfer to the post-digester, material recirculation, as well as in locations upstream from the separation unit and from the external heat exchanger. This versatility ensures cost-effective operation of the facility.

The RotaCut is commonly paired with one of our rotary lobe pumps on a common assembly frame. We call this combination the BioCut. This provides high volume slurry handling in a small footprint. It is specially designed for Agriculture slurries that contain long fibrous solids.

RotaCut Inline Macerator   BioCut: Pump & RotaCut

Slurry Conditioning & Mixing

QuickMix II (top) and EnergyJet (bottom) - both using a custom auger feed hopper and RotaCut RCX 58G Inline Macerator.

Precision mixing for optimum gas output

Vogelsang offers two products for mixing co-substrates to be fed into a digester. We recommend one or the other based on the type of materials being mixed. 

Vegetable, Fruit or Plant Waste: QuickMix II is a twin auger mixer with an integrated pump. QuickMix produces a consistent ratio of slurry to solids as defined by the customer. It can be easily controlled and altered on the fly. Feeding a consistent, homogenous mixture of slurry into a digester will reduce layering, reduce the need for in-digester mixing and ultimately produce more gas with less residual solid content.

Heavy Corn, Grass or Grain Silage: The EnergyJet was developed as a device designed to mix heavy fibrous silage. It is a single auger featuring a unique design that compresses and shears the silage into a format optimum for maximum digestion. EnergyJet also produces a consistent, homogenous mixture of substrates that have been previously very difficult to digest. 

QuicMix II   EnergyJet

Slurry & Sludge Lysing

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