Vogelsang supplies pumps, solids handling and process products to a numerous industries all over the world. Our wide variety of materials make this possible. We offer chemical testing to ensure our products are compatible with whatever needs to be pumped or processed. 

Pumps are available with capacities to over 3500gpm and pressures to over 200psi. For solids reduction and separation, the RotaCut has proven itself as a precision macerator capable of reducing solids down to a fraction of an inch. It is also able to separate hard solids before they cause damage to downstream pumps and equipment. The X-Ripper twin shaft grinder provides high volume coarse solids reduction in either an in-pipe wet or hopper-fed dry format. Our products can be combined to form powerful pumping and processing systems to handle heavy abrasive liquids.

The following pages provide you with a comprehensive insight into our entire product range for industrial applications.  

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