Ship Building & Offshore Marine Applications

Vogelsang offers powerful pumping systems to handle a variety of applications for ships and offshore applications. Since Rotary Lobe Pumps are compact and powerful by design, they are ideal to handle product handling, fuel handling and onboard sewage systems.

Marine applications range across several different industry types. Our pumps are widely used for:

Shoreside Sewage & Bilge Water Disposal

Vogelsang has introduced a turn-key shoreside pumping product that includes the pump, controls, housing, hoses, etc. The PierPump is ready to install on most any dock for safe and clean sewage pump-out. Our VX100-Series pump pulls a powerful vacuum allowing it to completely evacuate black-water and grey-water tanks quickly. 


PierPump dockside waste disposal

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Sewage Handling

  • Black water tanks
  • Grey water tanks
  • Bilge water