Rotary Lobe Pumps Designed for Heavy Abrasives

Our rotary lobe pumps are quickly becoming more popular in the mining industry. Due to the nature of our pump and lobe design as well as the materials we have developed, your slurries can be pumped throughout your system with ease as compared to progressing cavity and centrifugal pumps. Our products are built to pump thick and abrasive slurries, with no pulsation, and easy inline repair.

What makes Vogelsang ideal is our wide array of wet-end materials to choose from. We provide our customers with chemical compatibility testing and real options when dealing with caustic liquids containing solids and abrasive material.

There are other advantages of the rotary lobe pump in mining as well. Vogelsang pumps pull a 25' suction lift - which allows more flexibility in positioning the pump in a new or retro-fit process. Our pumps are able to be positioned above conveyors and waste haulers which is advantageous in terms of maintenance and long-term performance. The pumps are also very compact relative to their capacity - making them easy to fit in tight spaces. 

Mining Applications

Vogelsang Pumps are perfect for:

Thickener Underflow & Overflow

Centrifigal pumps are sometimes chosen but must run at high rpm in order to move the thick slurry. This makes them highly inefficient and prone to wear out quickly. Their High speed versus Vogelsang's relatively low speed allows the us to outperform them in all situations.  

Progressing Cavity (PC) pumps are also sometimes used, however the space consuming design of this pump makes it difficult to install in most mining applications. PC pumps are very difficult to maintain, especially in tight quarters. Most maintenance requires the removal of connected piping and a large open area around the pump to remove interal parts such as the rotor and stator. In contrast, Vogelsang rotary lobe pumps are all designed to be rebuilt inline without removal of piping. It's easy to perform maintenance in tight areas quickly with minimal hassle. PC pumps are also known for high spare parts cost. The wet-end parts on Vogelsang pumps are typically less expensive can help control the cost of pumping operations.

Transfer, Loading & Off-loading

Vogelsang pumps are also great for moving chemical, emulsion, and abrasive slurries between tanks and other destinations throughout the system.

Additionally, our pumps are perfect for truck and railcar loading and off-loading. Due to their compact design and suction lift ability.  Vogelsang pumps can pull a suction lift up to 25' (8m) which allows greater configuration and location options. For example, they can be located indoors out of the elements and away from other loading processes.


Frothers, depressants, promoters, activators, collectors and flocculants typically used in mining can challenge conventional pumps.  The low operating speeds of Vogelsang rotary lobe pumps make them naturally a low shearing pump and perfect for polymers. Our exclusive HiFlo lobe design provides the lowest sheer and pulsation in the industry. The ability to pump mixed phase fluids efficiently and the ability to run dry make Vogelsang pumps ideal for draining tanks and handling “off-gassing” fluids.


The mining industry regularly selects Vogelsang rotary lobe pumps to feed mechanical solid-liquid separation and filtration equipment such as belt presses, plate and frame filter presses, gravity belts and centrifuges.

Our unique design creates several advantages in dewatering applications. In addition, chemical feed additives are reduced to more accurate flow. Whether the 

application is to feed a belt press, centrifuge, or plate & frame press, Vogelsang pumps provide the most reliable solution. Vogelsang pumps provide uniform pulsation-free operation to your dewatering equipment to keep them running at optimal operation. 




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