Oil Spill Cleanup & Recovery

The unique internal geometry of the Vogelsang Rotary Lobe design ensures a gentle pumping action that will not emulsify oily water, and ensures the efficient movement of material through the unit. 

The pump can also handle solids up to 2.5" in diameter, and should the pump become clogged, it can be easily reversed to remove the blockage.  The Vogelsang Rotary Lobe Pumps contain impressive features making it well-suited to many applications, including transfer pump in oil recovery skimmers, for emergency pumping of heavy crude, bunker oil, or bitumen.  They are also great for tank cleaning, pipeline maintenance, and for sludge removal from waste oil pits.

Oil Spill Recovery Applications

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Pumping Applications


Vogelsang Pumps are perfect for:


Vogelsang Pumps are a perfect match for oil skimming and can be mounted directly on the skimmer or on shore.  Direct mounted pumps on a skimmer is a highly efficient way to ensure that thick oils is removed from the water surface. They are hydraulic drive which allows them to be submerged.On-shore pumps for smaller skimming systems can be configured using small hydraulic skids or carts. They can be moved around easily without cranes. Whether a mop, disc, drum or weir is used, Vogelsang Pumps are always the best choice for lightweight equipment.

Side Collectors

Side collectors are common on large barge vessels and a quick way to clean up waters.  Vogelsang Rotary Lobe Pumps can be mounted aboard the barge either on a stationary skid or cart. Our pumps are able to pull a suction lift up to 25 feet. We have no issues pulling the oil from the side collector and pumping into onboard tanks.

Transfer & Centrifuge Feed

Transfer applications normally involve moving almost anything from thick and abrasive liquids from one tank to the next. We offer pumps in many different configurations to suit the required location and orientation. Our VX series is also an extremely efficient centrifuge feed pump.  The VX series pumps include our patented HiFlo lobe design that increases efficiency and provides 100% pulsation-free flow.


Once the oil skimmers get the oil off the water and into tanks, the next step is to get it transferred out of the tank. Vogelsang pumps are commonly used for offloading due to their ability to be reversed and handle high pressure.  The same pump can be used to transferred oil from tank to tank. It can also be reversed in order to pump off-board into a remote storage container or process equipment.

Tank Cleaning

The rotary lobe pump makes a great pump for tank cleaning. The pump can be submerged or operate outside in the elements. Our pumps are often mounted outside the tanks where they start to remove fluids from the tank.  Our high suction lift ability allows the pump to strip the tank entirely to the bottom. Once a majority of the fluid is out of the tank, the rest is pushed toward the pump with rakes or squeegees. Since our pumps have the ability to run dry we are able to continue to run even without liquids for short periods of time.