Sludge Pumps & Sludge Grinders

Vogelsang offers a complete line of products specially designed and configured for wastewater treatment and industrial wastewater applications. This area describes how our products are applied to the many sludge handling tasks required to properly process wastewater. 

Our products are designed with operation and maintenance personnel in mind. Meaning, we make products that are high-performance, robust and easy to maintain. 

Below are our major products for wastewater: Rotary Lobe Pumps, Inline Sludge Grinders, Inline Twin Shaft Grinders and a Sludge Lysing system for facilities using anaerobic digestion. 

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Full technical data, drawings and specifications can be found for each product in our Products section.

Product Categories:

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Sludge Pumping

  • Dewatering Feed
  • Primary & Secondary
  • Thickened Sludge
  • WAS & RAS
  • Scum, Septage

Wastewater Solids Handling

  • Belt Press Protection
  • Centrifuge Protection
  • Eliminate Ragging
  • Prevent System Clogging
  • Remove Hard Objects
  • Sludge Conditioning

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