Sludge Lysing for Wastewater

The BioCrack is primarily designed to enhance the digestion process. It is typically placed between the digester and the heat exchanger or on a thickened sludge feed line. Sludge is cycled through the BioCrack at predetermined intervals depending the characteristics of the sludge as well as the digester and related components.

Where to use BioCrack...

Feeding the BioCrack

The BioCrack must be fed the sludge by means of a pump.  The sludge must also be mechanically conditioned to remove or separate hard solids while also homogenizing the liquid. For best results, we require a Vogelsang VX Rotary Lobe pump and a RotaCut Inline Grinder to feed sludge into the BioCrack System. This ensures the system is fed at the optimum flow rate and damaging solids are reduced or removed from the liquid.