Sludge Grinders for Wastewater

RotaCut Inline Sludge Grinders for solids reduction & separation

Vogelsang offers true protection of pumps and dewatering equipment to the wastewater market. The RotaCut Inline Macerator provides precision reduction of organic and floatable solids, such as rags, hair and other objects before they can cause damage to downstream pumps and equipment. Hard objects such as metal fragments, stones or other debris is removed from the sludge stream entirely.

The X-Ripper Twin Shaft Grinder provides high volume coarse grinding for systems where large oversize solids may be present in the sludge stream. 

Where to use a Vogelsang RotaCut...

Primary Sludge

Primary Sludge is a tough application for most any grinder. The typically heavy concentration of grit and floatable non-organic debris creates the need for a grinder that can perform and last in these operating conditions. In this application, The RCX Series is recommended due to its high flow range, low head loss and overall robust construction. The RCX has a very large cutting area for its footprint and can be retrofitted into an existing system in a variety of ways.   

Sludge Transfer

Moving sludge from one process to the next creates an opportunity for damaging debris to find its way into process equipment where it doesn't belong. Adding a RotaCut in key locations throughout the overall system, eliminates solids from the stream before they can cause harm to potentially sensitive components. A RotaCut model will be recommended based on the flow range, fluid type and operating conditions. 

Dewatering Feed

Adding a RotaCut in front of a Belt Press, Centrifuge, Gravity Belt Thickener or most any other dewatering device protects it from harmful solids, excess grit and floatables. Additionally, the rotating action of the cutting head conditions the sludge into a homogenous suspension that flows evenly into the device. Combined with the pulsation free flow provided by our pumps, the dewatering equipment is fed fully conditioned sludge free of potentially damaging elements.

Digester Feed

Much like feeding dewatering equipment, the RotaCut is also well suited to prevent heavy objects from entering the digester. In the process, the sludge is also conditioned to a homogenous suspension ready for digestion. The scissor-like cutting action reduces rags, hair and other fibrous objects into fine particles. Smaller solids optimizes the performance of the digester and makes clean-out easier.

Digester Cleaning

Digester cleaning is a particularly harsh application. Depending on the solids handling performed on the inbound sludge stream, evacuating heavy residual sludge can be  a high-wear application for most inline grinders. As with Primary Sludge, we often recommend our RCX series RotaCut due to its powerful design and robust construction. The RCX powers through thick sludge containing high amounts of heavy solids, grit and other debris that is known to settle in the bottom of digesters used for municipal, industrial or agricultural wastewater.