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Never buy a cartridge replacement for your twin-shaft grinder again and save thousands of dollars

Grinder News: Factory rebuilds and expensive cartridge replacements are a thing of the past

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Pictured: JWC Muffin Monster®, Common Blade Failure


If you’ve owned a twin-shaft grinder in the past 10 years, you’ve probably had to:

A)  Send it back for a factory rebuild

B)  Purchase a pricey replacement cartridge

Sadly, this has been the standard method for fixing grinders for many years. Even if you wanted to work on your grinder yourself, replacing the numerous blades and spacers has never been time/cost effective. Worse yet, recently, the lead times for rebuilds are 3-4 weeks minimum—significant downtime.


Better Design = Fewer Issues

For those reasons, Vogelsang designed its twin-shaft grinder series, XRipper, to eliminate such inconveniences and excessive repair costs. First and foremost, we designed our cutting system as two solid-bodied, monolithic rotor-rippers. Beyond being a long-lasting, hardened steel blade system, you’ll always have the option to replace the rotor-rippers in-line and on site. Most importantly, unlike other systems, the blades will never loosen (shown, right) which kills performance and leads to failures. 


Lower Lifecycle Costs

You’ll find that XRipper units need repaired less often, and when they do, you only need to pay for parts that are far less expense that the competitors rebuild. With the option to replace the blade rotors and the mechanical seals yourself, you’ll potentially save thousands in time and money. 

Pictured here below, the difference in wet-end parts between the XRipper XRP (left) and grinders such as JWC Muffin Monster® (right). You’ll see right away why other grinder require a factory rebuild. Where as the Vogelsang cartridge seals, wear plates and solid-bodied rotor rippers means XRipper is easier to work on and much more cost-effective when it comes to repairs/replacements.

Drop-in, Easy Installation
Worried about making a switch? To ensure easy installation, we’ve designed our units as size-equivalents or drop-in replacements for most JWC models. So, switching requires no pipe routing adjustments.

The best part—the cost sayings
Right now, we can provide you with a new XRipper unit for the cost of most repairs. See Details
Don’t forget, when you switch to Vogelsang, our design means you can save thousands in repair costs.

How much more are you paying when it comes total cost and downtime?
Download: XRipper vs. JWC Comparison Guide

* Muffin Monster is a registered trademark of JWC Environmental, Inc. Costa Mesa, CA, USA. Vogelsang is not affiliated with JWC Environmental in any way.