< Vogelang USA: LifeGuard Program Initiates Charitable Giving Fund
17.03.2017 17:57 Age: 2 yrs

Vogelsang USA: LifeGuard Program Initiates Charitable Giving Fund

Vogelsang's LifeGuard Program Pledges Funds to Help Support Healthy, Sustainable Communities

Nourishment Now!
A charitable giving program brought to you by:
The Vogelsang LifeGuard Fund
Supporting Healthy, Sustainable Communities

News Release: March 7, 2017; Vogelsang USA; Ravenna, Ohio

Every month Vogelsang USA is committing funds to support charitable organizations that provide services to children and families in our local communities.

Vogelsang is directly involved in supporting better wastewater practices, biogas as a responsible energy source, green manufacturing processes, and being a more mindful community manufacturer. By focusing on higher design standards and sustainability, we’ve also created product lines that last longer, use less consumables, and consume less energy.

As an extension of our business commitments, we are providing funds that will feed or otherwise support people that need basic support the most. In placing these donations, we plan to acknowledge customers and business partners that share our view of responsible business practices.

We encourage all of our employees, suppliers, distributors, and customers to give back to the communities in which they live.  

This month we are proud to support Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon.  



Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon works with communities across the state to end hunger before it begins. The organization documents the extent of hunger, coordinate and publicize existing services, advocate for programs and policies to eliminate hunger. The goal is to provide family economic stability and food security so that all Oregonians have sufficient means and ready access to an adequate amount of nutritious, quality food.