The InjectionSystem housing is designed to more effectively pump liquids containing high quantities of solid objects and debris. They InjectionSystem design not only pumps more efficiency, it also prevents damage to rotor tips in the process.By studying the natural flow path in a rotary lobe pump, it was found that there are back flows present at the top and bottom of the suction side. This isn't much of an issue unless there are excessive amounts of objects such as stones or metal fragments present in the liquid. The back flows can catch solid objects and cause them to repeatedly collide with the rotor tips until they eventually are drawn inside the pump. The video lower on this page demonstrates this behavior. 

InjectionSystem eliminates the back flows leaving only a smooth flow of liquid and solids directed into the center of the suction side. The housings come in a symmetrical and asymmetrical format. It's sometimes advantageous to have a larger discharge opening in the pump. Standard housings come on new VX-Series pumps. However, our standard housing can be retrofitted with a small adaptor that turns it into an InjectionSystem housing. The adaptors are popular when operating conditions change or when the pump is moved to a new location in the process. 

Injection S

Symmetrical InjectionSystem offer another benefit above and beyond solids handling. The housing design creates a longer radius of sealing between the rotor tip and housing surface. This creates better suction capability. S type InjectionSystem can be specified for high lift applications where the user is looking to maximize the suction capability of the pump while minimizing wear.

The pump drawing below, also shows the reto-fit adaptor version of the InjectionSystem. 

Injection A

Asymmetrical InjectionSystem offer the ability to accept high quantities of solids and efficiently discharge them from the pump. In this example the user opted to use the adaptor only on the suction side. This creates a very efficient flow path of fluid through the pump. The sealing line is extended on the suction side which would help with suction applications as well.

The pump drawing below, also shows the reto-fit adaptor version of the InjectionSystem.