FX-Series: The Farmer Pump

The rotary lobe pump for agriculture

The FX series is designed for the everyday work on a farm. It's robust, economical and easy to use. With flow rates up to 1188gpm and pressures up to 116psi, it's an ideal choice for the daily routine. Combined with our three point hitch, PTO drive and quick connect flanges, high performance pumping can happen anywhere on the farm at any time! 

FX Series Features 

  • Self-priming to 25'
  • Forward & reverse pumping
  • Handles fibrous solid matter
  • Small footprint
  • PTO Drive
  • Hydraulic Drive
  • Easy to transport 

Technical Details

Circulating oil lubrication

Using grease is messy and sometimes difficult to apply. With this in mind, we developed the FX-Series with a simple yet effective oil self-lubrication system. All seals are automatically lubricated through the normal operation of the pump. No manual lubrication is required during normal operation.

Co-rotating center plate

Manure typically contains a lot of organic fibrous solid matter. This tends to work into crevices and cavities of the pump. Over time it can accumulate and increase the torque required to run the pump. This increases the wear and tear, pumping costs, and ultimately fuel consumption. The FX pump is features a co-rotating intermediate plate. The plate helps break up and dislodge solids. This results in less fiber buildup, which maintains pumping capacity while keeping fuel consumption normal.

Sealing Technology

Mechanical seals are much more durable than radial shaft seals. The FX series comes with our durable fiber-friendly block-ring mechanical seal. Our block-ring seal is designed to keep fibers from jamming between the lobe and seal face. When this happens, a dramatic seal failure often occurs. The block-ring maximizes life cycle and keeps repair costs low.

Elastomer Lobe Coatings

The rotary lobes, that make the pump work, are made of a solid steel core and coated with elastomer which comes in contact with the liquid. Using elastomers instead of bare metal offers many advantages in performance and life cycle cost. Elastomers are much more solids-friendly and will not jam up when stones or fragments pass through the pump. Elastomers also keep caustic and abrasives from degrading the metal which extends overall pump life. For the Bi-Lobe rotors used in the FX series we offer various options for the elastomer coating. The options are offered for maximum chemical compatibility to the liquid being pumped. Options range from: NBR, SBR, FPM/FKM or Werobust.

Housing Materials

The material chosen for the housing of the FX series is a cast iron with high resistance to abrasive wear. The front and rear wear plates are made according to the pumping chamber of highly wear-resistant steel. These materials provide the longest life possible at the best price.