Block Ring Cartridge Mechanical Seals

The Block Ring Mechanical Seal is our most advanced innovation in sealing technology and is only available from Vogelsang. The hard Block Ring surface is wear resistant, especially against fibrous matter, and the abrasion affects only the Block-Ring not the seal itself. This new design allows for excellent heat transfer due to the close contact between the lobe and shaft. Due to the greatly improved heat dissipation, our seal is also insensitive to dry runni

  • Handles pressures up to 232 psi.
  • Increased dry matter content of fluid.
  • Longer lifecycle with less maintenance.
  • Better handling of abrasive and corrosive material.
  • Protects blocking chamber from liquid in the wet-end.

Check out the video below to see for yourself how easy it is to install a Vogelsang Cartridge Mechanical Seal. 


Other Benefits Include:

  • Excellent heat transfer due to the close contact between lobe and shaft. Heat dissipation is greatly improved compared to typical seal face configurations.
  • The mechanical seal can run dry.
  • Due to more efficient heat dissipation, Block Ring Seals can also be used with a dry buffer chamber. 
  • Even running of seal face without axial movement.
  • Low break-off torque 
  • No slip-through of the seal ring
  • Low-wear running
  • Fibrous material can’t rotate with the moving seal component or the O-Ring.