R116 Rotary Lobe Pump

The R116 is our most popular rotary lobe pump for agriculture use. This series is the 'go-to' pump for day-to-day pumping applications such as lagoon clean out, slurry transfer or slurry pit cleanout. 

There are six R116 models to choose from ranging from 198 - 1189gpm at pressures up to 72.5psi. Choosing an R116 delivers high performance pumping at a low price. The R116 can be pre-assembled on a three point hitch with quick-connect flanges and power take off drive. This is our turn-key solution to most agricultural applications. This section presents all the technical details related to R116 such as drawings, technical and performance information.

The R116 comes standard with Bi-Lobes for maximum solids handling and lip seals designed for protection against fibrous solid matter.