VX-Series Rotary Lobe Pump

Rotary Lobe Pumps designed for abrasive and viscous liquids.

Vogelsang offers a full line of Rotary Lobe Pump models to suit various applications and operating conditions. The VX HiFlo Q series is our standard design and works well in most applications requiring a positive displacement pump. For increased flow and medium pressure, we offer the VX HiFlo QD series which features a much larger wet end and outboard bearing configuration to eliminate deflection. For high flow and high pressure applications, the Marathon QDM2 series handles pressures to over 200psi in a two stage outboard configuration.

All Vogelsang pumps can run dry without damage, self prime and run in forward or reverse. Vogelsang pumps are great for suction lift applications up to 25'. Due to our convoluted HiFlo Lobe design, the pump delivers pulsation free pumping action making it ideal for many applications.

Quick Service

All VX-Series Pumps are constructed with easy maintenance in mind. By simply removing the front cover, the entire wet end can be accessed for routine or preventative maintenance. Wear parts can be replaced without disturbing any connected piping. 

Details on each VX Series Pump