VX100Q Rotary Lobe Pump

The VX100 Rotary Lobe Pump is ideal for applications requiring a high-performance positive displacement pump in an extremely small package. The VX100 is our smallest series pump but it packs more power than many larger pump designs. 

The VX100 is often chosen for applications involving thick and heavy liquids containing solids and abrasives. In addition, the VX100 is ideal for suction lift and vacuum applications such as sewage tank clean out for trains, airplanes, ferries & ships. The Six-Wing HiFlo Rotary Lobe, a Vogelsang exclusive, pulls a powerful suction to evacuate heavy sludge with ease. Combined with InjectionSystem, another Vogelsang exclusive, heavy solids can also be pumped through without damage.

Choose VX100 for maximum power in minimum space.

V100QHD Users

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