BioCut Pump & Grinding System

The perfect combination of sludge conditioning, solids separation & high performance pumping.

The BioCut is a combination of a VX Series rotary lobe pump in a V-Belt drive configuration and a RotaCut RC Pro mounted at an angle. The units share a common base. This configuration is very popular for Bio-gas facilities using manure and silage waste as fuel for digestion. BioCut plays an important part in boosting plant efficiency by ensuring that biogas plants can operate reliably and economically. The BioCut can be configured to be the single pumping station within an entire biogas plant. It is also popular for individual applications such as liquid feeding, digester agitation, slurry transfer to the post-digester, material recirculation, as well as in locations upstream from the separation unit and from the external heat exchanger. This versatility ensures cost-effective operation of the facility.

Standard features on the RotaCut Pro include Auto Reverse, Auto Cut Control, self sharpening blades, and reversible cutter screens. RotaCut is 100% rebuildable inline, which eliminates the need to send out cutter cartridges for reconditioning. The Pro version is mounted at and angle to better receive manure containing common co-substrates such as corn or grass silage and other fibrous material. It also separates hard solids such as rocks and metal objects. Placed on the suction or discharge side of the pump, the RotaCut will eliminate ragging, reduce solids and protect downstream equipment. Protect pumps and dewatering equipment from clogging, prevent damage to belt press and plate and frame press applications, and more efficiently balance your centrifuge feed.