RotaCut Inline Macerator

High Performance Maceration, Easy Inline Maintenance


Solids Reduction

The RotaCut® inline grinder effectively reduces solids to specific size requirements, and reduces the costs associated with the operation of downstream equipment. Objects and debris suspended in liquid such as plastic fragments, rubber, hair, rags, applicators, plastic pens, string, wood, bones, etc. are drawn through the cutting screen and cut by the self-sharpening rotary blades into an acceptable size for the downstream equipment to pass.

Standard features include Auto Reverse, Auto Cut Control, self sharpening blades and reversible cutter screens. RotaCut is 100% rebuildable inline, which eliminates the need to send out cutter cartridges for reconditioning.

Placed on the suction side of any manufacturer's pump, the RotaCut will eliminate ragging, reduce solids and protect downstream equipment. Protect pumps and dewatering equipment from clogging, prevent damage to belt press and plate and frame press applications, and more efficiently balance your centrifuge.

Solids Separation

What sets the RotaCut apart from other inline macerators is its ability to capture hard and heavy solids from the liquid stream. Instead of shredding a hard object such as a metal or stone object, the RotaCut catches it in its collection pot for removal from the line. Solids removal prevents damage to downstream components from any smaller fragments remaining in the liquid after maceration. This also maximizes the life of the RotaCut itself.

Sludge Conditioning

The RotaCut utilizes a spinning blade assembly as its means to reduce solids. An added benefit of this spinning action is that the sludge, slurry or liquid becomes homogenizes as a result of passing through the RotaCut. Well homogenized sludge produces the best results for optimum digestion and dewatering processes. 


RotaCut RC Series

  • Flow rates to 2640gpm
  • 3 Models to available
  • Handles most sludge applications
  • Easy inline maintenance

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RotaCut RCX Series

  • Flow rates to 3300gpm
  • Pressure up to 87psi
  • 2 models available
  • Great for primary sludge & digester clean out

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RotaCut RCQ Series

  • Flow rates to 1320gpm
  • Pressure to 30psi
  • Designed for aggressive wastewater applications
  • Easy Inline Maintenance

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