XRipper XRP: Inline Twin Shaft Grinding

XRipper XRP: Twin-Shaft Inline Grinding for Wastewater

If you need to carry out shredding in a tight space and barely have room to install a macerator, let alone service and maintain it, the XRP is what you need. The motor mounted above the XRipper XRP keeps the required footprint to a minimum and allows for a simple installation, even in narrow shafts.






XRipper XRC: Channel Grinding in Wastewater Applications

XRipper XRC: Channel Grinding in Wastewater Applications

The XRipper XRC with the Sewer Integration Kit (SIK) is ideal for installation in wastewater channels, e.g. with intake or infeed facilities, etc. The SIK positions the XRipper XRC right in front of the intake or outlet. Coarse matter such as textiles, wood, and plastic bags that is contained in the wastewater enters the XRipper XRC along with the fluid stream.




XRipper XRL: Dry of Wet Feed of Large Solids Reduction

XRipper XRL: Dry or Wet Feed Large Volume Solids Reduction

XRL Large Solid Waste Grinder

The XRipper XRL Twin Shaft Grinder is designed for dry or wet matter gravity fed via an attached hopper. The unit is available to integrate into an existing system or it can be ordered as a complete system with a custom hopper, frame, motor and control panel. Our complete systems are fully adjustable for retro-fitting or new projects. 

The XRL provides large volume solids reduction for all kinds of applications and industries. Unlike conventional twin shaft grinders, the XRipper offers high performance grinding in a compact and low-maintenance package.





XRipper XRS: Twin Shaft Grinder

XRipper XRS: Inline Grinding for Coarse Solids
Inline Twin Shaft Grinder


The XRipper XRS Twin Shaft Grinder is designed for inline liquid-borne solids handling applications. The XRipper effectively reduces large solids to a manageable size for further solids reduction or for downstream pumps and equipment to process without clogging or damage.

Vogelsang offers two configurations of the XRS product line, the Q & QD. The Q version uses overhung shafts supported by one bearing and seal per shaft on the gear box side.

The QD version features a second set of seals and bearings on the outboard end of each shaft. The QD design is used for our large flanged grinders where deflection could be an issue. The QD also is meant for higher pressure applications.

XRP Series

  • Capacity: 286-2157 gpm (65-490 m³/h)
  • Reliable Protection in the Minimum of Space
  • Drop in Replacement

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XRC Series

  • Flow rates up to 1497 gpm (1.140 m³/h)
  • Channel installation in pipework
  • Minimum space requirement
  • Guide Rail System

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XRS Series

  • 176-2994 gpm (40-680m3/h)
  • Inline Grinding
  • Up to 174psi

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XRL Series

  • High Volume Dry/Wet Grinding
  • Adjustable Frame
  • Custom Hopper
  • 2 XRL Models

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