Choose our Drop-In Replacement Grinder, XRipper - Reduce Costs & Maintenance

XRipper - Muffin Monster® Replacment

XRipper is the perfect choice to replace you old twin shaft grinder. With industry-leading features and options, professionals are switching from other common grinders to an XRipper in order to reduce maintenance, eliminate stack tightening, improve performance. For a limited time only, you can purchase a brand new XRipper grinder for less than the cost of most repairs.

A Superior Grinder By Design

The XRipper offers superior performance compared to other twin shaft grinders due to its unique cutting elements. Traditional twin shaft grinder cutters utilize smaller, individual blades and components that are stacked on the shaft. This traditional grinder design result in more complex maintenance, regular stack tightening and high repair costs – increasing maintenance costs and downtime.

The XRipper features two, one-piece cutting elements that are precision machined out of high-quality hardened alloy. Our grinder cutters provide long-lasting grinding performance in even the harshest solid and industrial bone grinding applications. They are also easy to replace, and do not require the removal of any connected piping or for users to send parts back to the factory.

The Industry’s Choice - Customizable Solid & Bone Grinder

The XRipper is designed with industry-leading features and options. Blades and grinder operations can be customized to meet the needs of your installation – tailoring cut sizes, power requirements and pressure to meet your needs. An adjustable base and integrated hopper are available, and the grinder can configured to work with a conveyor or other solids removal system, reducing and removing waste quickly and efficiently.

Units can easily retrofit into existing solid and industrial bone grinding applications, and our engineers are always available to help develop a solution for your needs.

Muffin Monster® vs. XRipper XRP Specs