XRipper XRC Wastewater Channel Grinder with Sewer Integration Kit

Wastewater Channel Grinder

The XRipper XRC with Sewer Integration Kit (SIK) is ideal for installation in wastewater channels, such as intake or feed facilities, as it positions the grinder directly in front of the intake or outlet. With intelligent control technology and a rugged, compact design the XRC can shred even coarse matter reliably. The channel grinder is designed for easy service, less maintenance and reliable efficiency and features a unique guide rail system, that allows the unit to be easily raised and lowered during service and maintenance operations. Preferred by industry professionals, the XRipper is the superior solution for even the most complex wastewater and sewer grinding applications.

Coarse matter in the fluid stream - such as textiles, wood and plastic bags - enters the XRC sewer grinder. Monolithic Ripper Rotors easily grind the material, shredding it to a manageable size and prevent clogging, blockages and damage to downstream equipment.

Easy Sewer Integration with our Channel Grinder

The XRipper is the industry's most powerful waste grinder, outperforming competitors in power, size, output and maximum pressures. The XRC unit is capable of processing up to 4314 gpm (980m3/hr), and features:

  • Industry-leading 2 year warranty, including wear parts
  • Adjustable cut sizes
  • Minimal space requirements
  • Unique guide rail system for easy maintenance and service
  • Cartridge style Ripper Rotors that eliminate shaft tightening
  • Block ring cartridge mechanical seals for provide superior wear resistance
  • QuickService design for fast and easy onsite service
  • 5 standard reversal options
  • Industry leading features and options for superior sewer waste grinding

For a limited time, purchase an XRipper XRC waste grinder for less than the cost of a competitor repair.

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Picture of XRipper sewer wastewater channel grinder
XRC twin shaft grinder with sewer integration kit in view
XRC Wastewater channel grinder grinding sewer wastewater