XRipper XRP Inline Sewage Grinder

Inline Sewage Grinder

Cost Savings, Low-Maintenance, Inline Twin Shaft Grinders.

If you barely have room to install a macerator, let alone service and maintain it, the XRipper XRP inline grinder is the ideal solution for your wastewater, sludge and sewage grinding needs. With a motor mounted above the XRipper grinding shafts, the required footprint is kept to a minimum and allows for simple installation even in narrow shafts. For a limited time you can purchase a new XRP grinder for less than the cost of a competitor repair.

Small Size, Maximum Grinder Performance

With a generous housing size, fluid is able to pass through the XRipper XRP sewage grinder largely unhindered, reliably shredding high-volume and coarse matter contained in the wastewater. With a capacity up to 4957 gpm (1140 m3/hr), the XRP easily reduces items including textiles, wood and plastic bags. The XRP only requires low drive power to efficiently prevent clogging, with high torques at low speeds, preventing blockages and damage to downstream pumps and valves.

Easy Inline Sewage Grinder Maintenance

With the XRipper XRP's QuickService design concept, the grinder is easily accessible when maintenance work is required - the entire functional unit is simply lifted out while the machine body remains firmly screwed onto the pipe.

A Waste Grinder Customized to Your Operations

The XRP inline grinder can be customized to meet the specific needs of your wastewater, sludge and sewage grinding applications and features:

  • Industry-leading 2 year warranty, including wear parts
  • Adjustable cut sizes
  • Cartridge style cutters eliminate shaft tightening
  • No bottom bearing prevents premature failure, wear and inefficiency
  • Block ring cartridge mechanical seals which provide superior wear resistance
  • QuickService design for fast wand easy inline service
  • 5 standard reversal options
  • Industry leading features and options for sewage grinding

 * We have XRP models that serve as drop-in replacements for many different grinders on the market. Talk to us if you have a JWC, Franklin Miller Taskmaster®, Moyno®, or Sewer Chewer®.  Click here to see how you can replace your grinder with our drop-in replacement!

XRipper InPipe, InLine Video Demo

XRipper XRP Brochure

XRipper XRP inline twin shaft grinder brochure

XRipper XRP Installation Photos

XRP inline grinder installed.
XRP XRipper inline grinders designed for easy installation on existing piping.
New XRipper inline sewage grinder installation.
Easy inline grinder maintenance by design - simply unbolt and lift the unit while the body remains in-place during grinder service.