XRipper XRS Twin Shaft Waste Grinder

XRP Twin Shaft Waste Grinder

The XRipper XRS twin shaft grinder effectively reduces large solids to a manageable size for further reduction or for downstream processing equipment, preventing clogs and damage. Designed for easy service, less maintenance and reliable efficiency, XRipper models are the superior solution for a variety of waste grinding applications.

The Industry's Leading Waste Grinder

The XRipper is the industry's most powerful waste grinder, outperforming competitors in power, size, output and maximum pressures. Our XRS model is capable of processing up to 2994 gpm (680m3/hr), and handling pressures up to 174 psi, XRipper waste grinders feature:

  • Industry-leading 2 year warranty, including wear parts
  • Adjustable cut sizes
  • Cartridge style cutters that eliminate shaft tightening
  • No bottom bearing, preventing premature failure, wear and inefficiency
  • Block ring cartridge mechanical seals for superior wear resistance
  • QuickService design for fast and easy inline service
  • 5 standard reversal options
  • Industry leading features and options for superior waste grinding

Superior Waste Grinding Benefits

The XRipper XRS features a horizontal shaft design, and is available in both Q and QD versions:

  • Q Design - features a quick-access front cover which, when removed, provides easy access to the wet-end of the grinder. This design is ideal for flow ranges suitable for our shorter overhang models in each series.
  • QD Design - features a front cover with an outboard set of bearings and seals. This provides extra shaft support for longer wet-end pumps, higher-pressure applications or extreme operating conditions. The QD version is still incredibly easy to work on even with the extra components.

A Waste Grinder for the Toughest Applications

The XRS is recognized for performance, reliability and reduced maintenance for a variety of waste grinding processes. Often purchased with a RotaCut® macerator and rotary pumps, the XRipper XRS is the superior solution for waste processing, with applications including:

  • Biogas Substrate Solids
  • Fish Head Grinding
  • Industrial Bone Grinding
  • Meat Waste Grinding
  • Expired packaging Grinding
  • Recycled Material Grinding
  • Sewage & Sludge
  • Wastewater

For a limited time you can purchase a new XRS grinder for less than the cost of a competitor repair.